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Wirehairs have a great disposition that displays companionship and loyalty to their owners.  Although good family dogs, they bond primarily to one person, usually its trainer.  Although they may spend time in a kennel, they require time one-on-one. Bonding with a German Wirehair is critical and as an owner, you must be willing to spend time with your dog.  Unlike most breeds, the males are the more passive and laid back dogs.  Males are much more sensitive than females. 

Wirehairs have a higher retention level than other breeds. They may mature a little slower than other breeds, however, once they have learned it, it is with them to stay.

Versatile Hunter

German Wirehaired Pointers are the best of several dogs all rolled into one.  They come from a long history of breeding the finest qualities of physical characteristics and performance into one dog.  These include: Tracking  fur and feather, natural pointing natural retrieving on land & water, stamina, aggressive in the field & water.


Color                                        Weight
    **Liver**Liver & White**                            Medium Sized
    **Black**Black & White**                          Males -- 50-70 pounds
    **Brown**Brown & White**                        Females -- 45-60 pounds
Height                                        Coat
      22-26 inches                                      1/2- 3 1/2 inches in length
                                                              Stiff & Wiry

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