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Breeding Stock

Dog Condos

Whelping Rooms

Smoke Creek German Wirehairs are carefully selected.  Their blood lines are thoroughly researched.  Smoke Creek aims to breed dogs that have exceptional noses and cooperativeness in the field.

Smoke Creek Wirehairs are bred for the hunter in mind rather than the confirmation in mind.

Each dog has its own space, both inside and out to come in and out as they please.  Inside, the temperature is controlled by a heater in the winter and a cooler in the summer.    Each space has an automatic waterer for a continuous supply of fresh water.  Each space is cleaned and disinfected twice daily.  The waste runs into a  septic system to ensure a sanitary environment.

Smoke Creek  is proud of its two whelping rooms in the dog condos.  The rooms are temperature controlled, keeping the air temperature between 70 and 80 degrees F.  Each room is  supplied with a 95 degree F whelping nest to keep new puppies warm, automatic waterers for the moms and the flexibility to go in and out.

Smoke Creek Wirehairs are exercised in a 30 acre field, where they are free to run and stretch their muscles.  They are then taken through a series of training exercises.  The dogs are left to roam the ranch as they wish, so long as someone is home.
Each dog is played with individually to build trust, independence and companionship.  They are also put out to play together to build their compatibility with other dogs.
At the close of every evening, Smoke Creek Wirehairs are brought in for TV time, rest and relaxation.  Smoke Creek Wirehairs are treated as members of the family.
New puppies are handled and played with everyday to get them accustomed to the human touch.

Hunting Experience
Smoke Creek Wirehairs are exposed to hunting at an early age.  They are started on wings and progress to pigeons in the training field.  Smoke Creek Wirehairs hunt pheasants, quail, ptarmigan, huns, grouse, ducks and geese, just to name a few.
Smoke Creek Wirehairs hunt on the various terrains of Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon and Texas.  Hunting is made to be a fun experience, so Smoke Creek Wirehairs look forward to the next adventure. 
Smoke Creek Wirehairs are traveled in an insulated dog trailer, thus learning to travel long distances with ease.

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